About me

My work


My work is rooted in the Welsh landscape where I live.  Its hillsides are hung with ancient woods and lined with sheep tracks. Every day I walk with my dogs in this landscape and have come to love it in all its different moods and seasons. From the heights above the valley I can see the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons which have formed a backdrop to my life.

My medium


I make detailed drawings in crayon, pen and ink of animals in the landscape.

My inspiration


Although I feel an affinity for all animals, I return to sheep again and again. It’s not just the soft colours of the fleece and the warm bulk of them, but the ancient bony heads and the look in the eye that exert a hold on me. There is also something about their being in the landscape that is reassuring and timeless.

I love the sight of a flock moving slowly and eternally across a Welsh hillside scattered with hawthorn trees.

My drawings celebrate their unwavering gaze and presence.



I have regular solo exhibitions at Fosse Gallery   My work can also be seen at Fountain Fine Art  and Old Chapel Gallery.  My work is held in collections at Alcuin College, York; Ceredigion Museum, Aberystwyth; Dyfed County Hall; Newport Museum and Art Gallery and the Somerset Museum of Rural Life.   It also features in many private collections including that of HRH Prince of Wales.